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Lemon Essential Oil is obtained from cold pressing (using mechanical pressure rather than heat) of the rind or peel of the Lemon. This method is commonly used for extracting citrus oils.
Lemon essential is one of the more versatile oils for its variety of properties. It is commonly used as an air purifier, non-toxic cleanser, and disinfectant of surfaces.

What do you use Lemon essential oil for and how?

I like to diffuse it aromatically with woody oils such as Cypress or White Fir for a fresh, invigorating and uplifting ambiance.

I love applying it topically into my own facial scrub as an exfoliant and skin refresher.

Being a natural cleanser and detoxifier, I love to add lemon essential oil to my water daily as it adds a fresh taste to the water as well. It can also aid in digestion.

Around the house, Lemon essential oil is great for disinfecting surfaces, as an air freshener and for polishing leather furniture and wood furniture.  I recently discovered it also works well to remove sticky residue left by bottle labels or adhesive tape.

How do you use Lemon essential oil to enhance emotions?

Lemon essential oil is known as the “Oil of Focus” as it supports concentration and helps nourish the mind. It improves mood and cognitive ability while restoring energy and mental flexibility. Add a drop or two to your palms, rub them together and inhale the invigorating fresh aroma.

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