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Nurturing our spirit is essential for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Immerse yourself in actions and thoughts that let you connect to your soul and fill it with peace and harmony. Read, pray/meditate, and allow some time every day for feeding and nourishing your spirituality.

I’ve often found that putting my thoughts on paper to be highly therapeutic and beneficial to my spiritual health. This section is a collection of short poems and reflections that I've written over the past couple of years to help me offload negativity, express my inner thoughts, and generate positive energy. They allow me to clear my mind and be more intuitive with and within myself. Some are deeply personal and some are a little more spiritual.

I've also included quotes that have resonated with me on my journey. My aim in sharing them is to make this space into a spiritual, meditative corner to help us to reflect and recharge. I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

  • OW_For_the_Spirit_Feelings


    Anger hurts 
    Pain lingers 
    Death shatters 
    Fear steals 
    Hate burns 
    Love heals 
    Family warms 
    Faith calms 
    Peace purifies 
    Dignity returned 

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Stay_Focused

    Stay Focused

    Exhausted in mind and body

    Yet bolstered by a desire for change

    Find strength in my purpose

    While goals keep shifting

    Willing myself to keep going

    And not lose focus on the journey

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Prayer


    Praying for more love, less envy 
    Praying for more empathy, less ostracism 
    Praying for more compassion, less hate crimes 
    Praying for equality and justice, less harassment and victimization 
    Praying for more respect, less contempt 
    Praying for humanity to awaken from its deep slumber

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Sufi_Wisdom

    Sufi Wisdom

     "The outer beauty of a person must merge

    with inner beauty and become one.

    This is the source of true beauty.”

    The Soul of a Butterfly, Muhammad Ali

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Blessed


    I feel

    I think

    I breathe


    I am



  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Pearls_of_Wisdom
    Pearls of Wisdom

    "Think of the future", I'm told 
    How, when all I can see is the rubble at my feet
    The debris from years of neglect 
    "Think of a brighter tomorrow" 
    How, when all I see are the huge waves looming around me  
    Threatening to engulf all in their path  
    "Be strong for your children" 
    But then they grow up with a false sense of security that life is a bed of roses  
    "Don't complicate things" 
    We're already set up for failure before we start  
    Unattainable expectations - unrealistic goals  
    Longing for simplicity, manageable pace, achievable tasks  
    "Take it slow" 
    How, when the speed of everyone around me is set to "high" 
    I say switch off, tune out, ignore the negativity  
    Focus on your priorities - faith, purity of heart and mind  
    Let love of the Divine guide you  
    To inner peace, serenity 

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Healing


    "You fill a bucket drop by drop

    You clear your mind thought by thought

    You heal yourself

    Moment by moment"

    Lisa Wimberger

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Out_of_Touch

    Out of Touch

    People judge what they believe not what they see  
    Without looking inside themselves 
    Petty minds filling petty hearts  
    Always pointing the finger, finding someone or something to blame  
    A vicious cycle with no end  
    Judging color, race, religion, status, wealth, everything imaginable  
    Who defines the norms? Who sets the bar? And to what aim? 
    Perfection? Success?  
    Surely they know it's not real 
    Perfection only exists in The One 
    Success can only be achieved through knowing and loving Him

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Change


    "Yesterday I was clever

    So I wanted to change

    The world.

    Today I am wise

    So I am

    Changing myself."


  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Ultimate_Destiny

    Ultimate Destiny

    I've failed as a mother, a wife, a homemaker, as custodian of this body 
    Losing a constant battle to obtain perfection - at what cost  
    I've failed to nourish my impoverished soul when it needed sustenance to keep going  
    Feeling low, cold and bereft of emotion - numbed beyond repair  
    Craving for the warmth of soul food, the security of His love and the sanctity of His protection  
    Feeling lost but holding onto the thin thread of hope of reaching our ultimate destiny  
    To be in the shade of Your Majesty 

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Final_Destination

    Final Destination

    To be free 
    To be happy 
    To be close to You 
    To view Your Majesty 
    To be sheltered by Your Armour 
    Beauty beyond measure 
    Light from every corner 
    Peace, tranquillity, endless bliss 
    Melodious tunes, every creature in harmony 
    At home at last

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_The_State_of_our_World

    The State of our World

    Hatred, blind 
    Anger, simmering 
    Blame, abundant 
    Death, no return 
    Revenge, inexhaustible 
    Truth, distorted 
    Empathy, extinct 
    Innocence, shattered 
    Compassion, rare 
    Humanity, obsolete 
    Hope, minuscule 
    Faith, full circle

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Control


    Losing control 
    Did I ever really have it 
    Or was it illusory 
    What does it mean when we are in control 
    And how long does it last 
    Do we fight to attain it and then to maintain it 
    Or give up the elusive battle 
    And relinquish it completely 
    Tackling each hurdle as it happens 
    Never knowing which direction 
    Or if we can overcome it 
    Before the next one comes along

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Selfish


    Giving unconditionally without a second thought 
    And yet when we need a hand, only a few are raised to help, and often it’s those who have very little themselves 
    Why do we give and yet expect a return?
    To take is considered selfish but to whom does all the giving go? 
    Are we born selfish or acquire it as we grow? 
    Selfish in our needs 
    Selfish to the core 
    Are we really being selfish or just need to be assured 
    That our giving is not in vain 
    And with Him lies our ultimate reward 

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Daily_Task

    Daily Tasks


    Be Grateful

    Live in the Moment




  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Failure


    There's no such

    thing as failure

    Every experience is

    a chance to learn

    And remind us of

    what really matters

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Unity_Spirit

    Unity and Light

    Strength in unity can be

    found amongst family,

    community or nations.

    The most profound strength

    can be found in the unity

    of mind, body and spirit.


  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Promise


    Today I promise to look forward, not backward
    Today I promise to have hope, not regret
    Today I promise to fill the emptiness with gratitude, not despair
    Today I will be thankful, no matter what tomorrow brings
    Today, happiness will not be the ultimate destination
    I will find it in every moment of every day

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Seed


    Plant the seed 

    for change today

    Reap the

    benefits tomorrow

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Children


    "Raising children is not about
    correcting their weaknesses and fixing
    whatever is wrong with them. Rather,
    it is about identifying and nurturing
    their strengths". Martin Seligman, A Primer
    in Positive Psychology (2006)



  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Water


    Both the heart and

    the body can be

    healed by replacing

    all that is toxic with

    all that is clean and pure

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Planned


    Burying your head in the sand
    won't change reality
    Accept, embrace, make 
    adjustments as needed
    Sometimes things happen to
    steer us in a 
    different direction
    to the one we had planned

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Moment

    The Moment

    Positive Affirmation Starting Today:

    Stop overthinking

    Just enjoy the moment

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Happiness


    Happiness is not a destination

    Happiness is about appreciating everything

    you have, right here, right now

  • OW_For_The_Spirit_Enough


    Don't wait for the fog to clear

    To realize

    That now

    And in every moment

    You ARE Enough

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