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Emotional Decluttering

I’ve always known that clutter increases your stress levels and I’m forever trying to declutter my kitchen, my study, my bedroom – even photos and emails on my phone. After reading about minimalism, I was so excited to jump on board and aimed to free my life of useless possessions. However, as noble as my…

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  I’ve been hearing a lot lately about “mindfulness” – but what is it exactly? Mindfulness essentially means to focus on the task you’re doing and being aware of your surroundings, your actions, your innermost feelings, devoid of judgment – living in the moment, being attuned to all your senses without critical analysis. Or more…

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Mental Health Week occurs in October each year to coincide with World Mental Health Day on October 10th.  The focus of this week is ”to promote social and emotional wellbeing to the community, encouraging people to maximise their health potential, enhancing the coping capacity of communities, families, individuals and increasing mental health recovery.”  This is…

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